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Change log
*Updated 11/02/11 : Added Sponsor Ads to Stadiums
*Updated 11/03/11 : Updated LAL Center logo and backboard page 2 for preview
*Updated 11/08/11 : Added link for stadiums w/o shadow
*Updated 11/12/11 : HD Bench and Crowd Seats. Updated Backboards for Heat and Mavs. Preview on page 3
*Updated 11/17/11 : Updated Mavs Floor and Added Daktronics Shot Clocks by Se7six on Stadium files
*Updated 11/21/11 : Did some minor updates on stadium files of LA Lakers and Clippers. Updated Clippers Floor Color. Added new modified shot clocks (original by Se7six)
*Updated 11/23/11 : Added new modified shot clock (original by se7six) Preview on page 5
*Updated 12/05/11 : New Wood Textures for all floors
*Updated 12/07/11 : Fixed floor center lines and logo for Bulls, Heat, and Mavs

Court Previews:
Stadium Shadow Mod Screenshots:

Enhanced Floor Reflection
Floor Color Fix
Re-textured Backboards and Rim was made darker orange
Stadium Shadow Mod ( No shadow mod file included)
Re-textured bench seats
Courts are not 100% correct but as close as I can get
Sponsor Ads not 100% based on real ones ( the real ones changes from time to time so no point in making them similar)

Teams included in this pack

  • Chicago Bulls
  • LA Clippers
  • LA Lakers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Miami Heat


  • nba2kway for the tools
  • the one who made the Modtool (Don't know his name)
  • Jao for the tutorials
  • Google, YouTube, and nico86 for references
  • Se7six for the Daktronics Shot Clocks