Hi, This is LOD (level Of Detail) for the FIFA 12 PC.
We made this to improve your FIFA 12 more better and realistic. Its really Highly recomended for the High PC specification. Dont telling us about the lag and low specification, because this pacth is not recomended for that.

How To Use:
1. Copy and extract the Data folder to: FIFA12/Game/
2. Run FIFA12 Regenerator

Our team is working hard to release this patch, so dont worry about the ending of our job, we will work for the next FIFA 12 improvement .
Try and get the new FIFA 12 update from us.
Thanks to download

Bring to You by the FIFA 12 EDITING GENERATION
"Agan 2pi, the Editing
"Agan TheArtMan, The Publishing

Spesial Thanks:
EA Sport : Who has made the FIFA 12 PC & Console being the revolutioner game on this year.

FIFA 12 Patcher All Around The World.

FIFA 12 Its in The Game

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