The Updates includes:

  • > High Quality Pictures of RYAN for the Missing Portraits.
  • > 2K Official Roster Update 12.18.09
  • > Added New Players Namely: Marcus Haislip, Marcus Landry, Jonathan Bender, Chris Hunter, Trey Gilder, and Mike Harris.
  • > Added also younger Michael Jordan in 80's EAST and Old Michael Jordan to the 90's EAST.
  • > Added Portraits of Larry Bird, Moses Malone and Dennis Rodman
  • > Fix some portraits like Jawad Williams (2K put James White Photo on him.) and Steven Hunter (2K put Othello Hunter Photo on him.)
  • > Fix also Portraits of Magic Johnson, Demar Derozan and Jermaine Taylor.

Note: For Younger Michael Jordan copy png1677(if your using Kenfly MJ copy the Rookie MJ) and rename to png1248 and put it in your 2k10 Game Folder.


Roster Update Compatible with NBA 2K10 Missing Portraits Pack