Ryder PSSG Editor

version 1.7.2011.0324
This tool will allow you to open any PSSG file and edit it. For F1 2010, Dirt 2 and Grid.


  • Export -- Lets you export any section from the PSSG.
  • Import -- Lets you put back any section into the PSSG.
  • Export All Textures -- Lets you export all the textures from the PSSG at once.
  • Preview -- Lets you see any "TEXTURE" section from the PSSG before you have to export.
  • Dimensions -- Now you can add higher resolution (HD) textures. (Example: 4096px)
  • MipMap -- Changes the mipmap levels automatically by detecting from dds.
  • Open With -- Allows you to choose "Open With" and select this program to open PSSG.


  • 1.0.2010.1030
    • First Release
  • 3.0.2010.1031
    • Fixed Major Bug that would destroy pssg files when importing new files
    • Added support for games Grid and Dirt 2
  • 1.3.2010.1128
    • Added support for more pssg files (interior, RainBeads_textures, sky)
    • Changed the way I do versions
  • 1.4.2010.1204
    • Added support for ALL PSSG FILES
    • Redesigned Everything
  • 1.5.2010.1206
    • Added Preview Area for TEXTURE sections
    • Import any section, not just TEXTURES (For the Advanced)
    • Made it faster for you to work with the program
  • 1.6.2010.1217
    • Redesigned UI For Easier Texture Editing
    • Added Export All Textures function
    • Fixed Open With function
  • 1.6.2010.1219
    • Fixed Export All Textures function
    • Automatically Selects a Section based on Selected Texture
  • 1.6.2010.1225
    • Fixed Bug where you could only edit the first pssg that you open
    • Improved Automatic Selection
  • 1.7.2011.0324
    • Greatly Improved Speed
    • New Feature: Add Texture
    • Texture Resolution changes are done correctly
    • Minor UI Changes


  • Ryder25 - For creating the program. (tasevp(at)yahoo(dot)com)
  • Skidmarque - For making notes on the pssg files.
  • luh-koala - For creating icon and other graphics

Want to be able to model F1 2010?
Help me convince oleg to make a tool by posting here:
Also, another guy I'm trying to convince to do models:
mvpe solution for nonPS users to export textures: Thanks a lot, mate!!

After much experimenting I found out how to use this importer without using photoshop DXT5 settings, ie using gimp.

1) Download ATI compressonator.
2) Open texture in compressonator
3) Generate Mips using D3D filter and chose 1x1
4) Chose ATI 3DC compressor and select DXT5
5) Save compressed texture