Please dont harass me for editing the nets for PES 2012. I'm a fetishist and can't help it.

The resolution makes the white nets worse than the grey especially from a distance - as you may or mat not know PES 2012 changes between white and gray nets randomly - See attached pics for more info. I'll try to make better versions of my nets when my 7 month daughter stops hogging my computer, but don't count on it .

Use Game Graphic Studio or any other software you like to insert them in unnamed_54.

And for the noobs:
0. Take a backup of dt07.bin in IMG folder of PES-demo (just in case)
1. Decide for a net you like (you can only have one active at the time) and call it whatever you want. Make sure you copy the png-file and not the jpg screenshot :BYE:
2. Rightclick picture and save it
3. Search for, download and start Game Graphic Studio (I used v.7.4.0)
4. Open the img dt07 in IMG folder of PES demo
5. There are 3021 .bin files, you are looking for nr 54: unnamed_54. Its in the top folder a bit down.
6. The pictures are of goalposts and nets - drag the bottom bar a bit right and you will find the net textures - right click the window on the right and chose "open".
7. Find the net you saved earlier
8. Drag the picture of the new net down on top of the old 256x256x32. The other changes automatically.
9. Quit Game graphic studio (it saves in real time so you don't have to save and dont do anything stupid either.)
10. Enjoy?

Net types:

Original finemasked:

Original semi-finemasked:


Hexagonal finemasked:

Example from a distance (grey nets are easier on the eye):