NBA 2K11 My Player Cyber Face

a) Browse and open your career file ( .CMG ) with this tool
CMG files are placed in folder : C: / Documents and Settings / USER / xxxxx / Application Data / 2K Sports /NBA 2K11 / Saves
b) Enter the cyber face number you would like to assing to your player
Example : 195 is Kobe Bryant Face
You can get the number of any cyber face by using Roster Editor II by VL@D ZOLA JR.
Get last version from here :
The face number is the one you find in Portr/CF ID column
Other examples
Ginobili    : 970
Ricky Rubio : 1601
Chris Paul  : 1259
For instance you can also use a free slot ( for instance 100 ) and place, in your NBA 2K11 folder, any cyber face with number 101 (png100.iff).
c) Select Skin Color : from 0 (dark) to 5 - to match Cyber Face Skin Color
For instance you need a 1 for Kobe Bryant and a 5 for Ginobili
Then apply!

d) Finally to generate the My Player Portrait in game go to My Player --> Edit Player and just Press Enter or Click Next.
When the game asks you if you have finished editing the player select YES and ready!

e) Save your My Player career.
f) You can also remove the cyber face you have assigned : open the .CMG file and then click reset
IMPORTANT : Any time you make a change the program will backup your previous file.

Authors: Ariel SAntarelli
Thanks to : VL@D ZOLA JR. and jor1980

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Dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Lucy.

2K Sports for another fantastic game.


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