Now Available!! :D 

UAR "New Era" (2011 Draft Rosters) v10x



Here's the latest Edition of UAR Rosters v10x 


UTP Jersey Pack FULL Compatibility
Rookies added to teams that Drafted them (only a few exceptions based on Roster size limitations)
Rookie CF's ID's added to UAR Rosters (over 60 players added!!)
Rookie Portraits ID's added 
New Coaches Update :D
Player Contracts Update
COMPLETE Shoe UPDATE (every player!! :D All shoes aren't custom...over 70% are; you can do the rest of them and send ME the file!! lol (Y) )
New Shoes added :D
Coaches Profiles Updated
Coaches Rating Update
Player Rotations Update
Player Ratings Update
Draftees Teams Update
Player Headband & Accessories Color Update (Y) (Y)
and more!!!